Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Pressing pause...

Despite this author's best efforts and unrealistic intentions, folks, Padcandy is now takin' a catnap, due to unavoidable time constraints. All them jaypeggs and designy musings don't upload themselves, unfortunately.

I hope you'll continue to read me at The Sunday Times Ireland and at House and Home, Ireland's most delicious interiors mag, made by design nuts for design nuts, and where all pads are candy.

Meanwhile, you've come this far - please do click on my fellow bloggers on the right who are keeping up really really good work - probably despite aforementioned time constraints. I am indeed humbled in bloggerspace and I know you'll enjoy.

I hope to be back as soon as I possibly can, so watch this rambling, home-obsessed space.
Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting and inspiring.



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